14 Lists to Play Scattergories

An excellent free unblocked game to increase your vocabulary and knowledge, Scattergories is a real fun party game. The best part about this game is that you can create your very own categories according to your or your guests’ preferences. Buzzle has compiled a few lists based on popular party themes, use these to have a gala time with words.


Did You Know?A TV game show of the same name was aired by NBC Daytime in 1993, and it was the penultimate game show to be produced by NBC.Scattergories, as the name suggests, is a party game that involves listing out things that fall in the given categories. An impressive technique to improve your vocabulary and still have a little fun, Scattergories also tests your knowledge about various subjects.

Originally, the game was developed by Hasbro; however, to add a little twist, this game can be customized by tweaking the rules according to the players’ preferences. It comes with 20-faced die with alphabets on each face. Each list typically has 12 categories, and you have to write the thing asked in the category question, starting with the letter on the die. If you don’t have a die, you can use a bag containing alphabets, and pick one from the bag every time.

While it is not necessary to have a theme-based category question, you could pick one randomly, we’ve provided some scattergories based of various themes.

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Names of witches

Names of fairies

Names of villains from fictional movie

Names of horror movies

Halloween candies

Halloween creature that flies

Halloween weapons

Halloween character which is black

Halloween run 3 unblocked games

Costume store names in town

Halloween monsters

Halloween food item

Scary television series

Scary movies

Halloween games

Name of famous vampire

Halloween scary trick

Halloween drink

Ghost names from movies or serial

Books on Halloween

Villain from comics

Songs to play on Halloween

Synonyms for scary


Names of people needed at a wedding

Something in bridal wear

Best thing about being single

Best thing about marriage

Names of movies on wedding

Famous celebrity married actress

Romantic destinations on earth

Things you like about the bride

Things you like about the groom

Flavor of cake

Wedding songs

Romantic movies to watch

Dance styles for couples

Brands for wedding rings

Wedding wishes

Color of bedroom

Drinks served in a wedding

Term of endearment for a spouse

A wedding gift

Wedding food item

A wedding custom

Bad gifts for wedding

Things needed on a wedding

Celebrity married actor


Color of bridesmaid’s gown

Hairstyles for the bride

Honeymoon gifts

Bridal songs

Color of wedding cake

Romantic destinations on earth

Drinks on wedding day

Desired groom qualities

Undesired qualities for in-laws

Flowers for wedding

Bridal dress of different cultures

Dessert names

Locations to have a wedding

Lipstick colors for bride

A wedding gown style

Romantic song

Best quality of the bride

Makeup salon name in city

Wedding gift

Things you like in your groom

Nickname for the groom

Groom’s hobbies

Things needed for the bride

Makeup kit brand names


Christmas character

Movies on Christmas

Something green in Christmas

Christmas food

Something at the north pole

Christmas delicacy

Christmas decorations

Christmas gift for your mother

Christmas gift for your grandmother

Christmas holiday location

Snow activities

Wish for this Christmas

Character from Christmas movie

Christmas gift for your grandfather

Christmas gift for your daughter

Something that has red and white color

Activity in Christmas holiday

Christmas song

Presents that can fit in a stocking

Christmas gift for your teacher

Christmas gift for your father

Christmas family tradition

Christmas children’s book

Christmas gift for your son


Funny adjectives for your boss

Funny nicknames

Useless things to do

Funny cartoon names

Funny names of celebrities

Animal noises

Gag gift

Funny horror movies

Funny names of places

Funny food names

Names of pranks

Sticky things

Things you hate about your job

Things you hate about your in-laws

Comic movie name

Comic television serials

Food you hate

Type of a smell

Funny fictional character names

Notorious celebrities

Bad habits

Synonyms for lazy

Funny songs

Famous comic actor/actress


Girl names

Boy names

Kid’s clothes

Names of pregnancy books

Diaper brands

Baby soap brand names

Baby soaps

Gifts to mother

Nursery rhymes

Baby colors

Baby shower songs

Baby food

Endearment names for a baby

Celebrity baby names

Toys for babies

Food during pregnancy

Baby food brand names

Baby clothes brand names

Things needed by a baby

Famous movie featuring a baby

Television serial names for babies

Maternity magazine names

Names for addressing mother

Names for addressing father


Boy name

Girl name

Name of carnivorous animal

Name of herbivorous animal

Name of a color

Names of countries

Type of noun

Name of a festival

Name of a city

Name of a craft item

Name of an author

Name of a scientist

Name of a book

A sport

Name of a cartoon

Name of a vegetable

Name of a fruit

Name of an insect

Clothing item

Name of a fairy tale


Candy names

Name of a video game

Name of a movie

The tank trouble unblocked game can be modified and adapted in funny ways, as you please. For adults, you could get a little bit naughty and try innovative lists. You could also try Bible-based lists, or something related to history, which will help you teach kids about your culture and religion. Funny ones, of course, are just to pass away time. Whatever the categories, they are sure to exercise your gray cells.