Internet statistics has an impressive fact with it but now record number of download of a particular application. The concerned software pack in the picture is BlueStacks, a startup company from California. Founded with tech giant Rosen Sharma, an Indian born USA citizen, has developed software that enables to run android applications on pc. An user has to have an android as well as can download the free software application from the website. The program is in its alpha development stage yet it received an over-whelming response and feedback.
It is not comparable with windows 6.5 apps for mobile. BlueStacks is software that creates an online environment that makes you will find many available android application operates on pc. One can install the free downloadable software from the company website and it can be installed in few simple actions. It gets sticked to the right top corner of the screen desktop and the application can be invoked by double clicking the shortcut icon.
Over 550 thousand people have downloaded the free alpha stage software and is liked by nearly all. The fact of getting android on pc on a bigger screen is very fascinating and was the major cause so many people downloaded the desktop tools. Few android application which uses motion sensing feature or GPS features are not running on machine.
Many windows 0.5 apps are available for free download these days. However, Best Bluestacks Alternative is getting popular increasing amounts of with every day. With huge financial support from Citrix and AMD, a lot more claims has big plans and is aiming to launch the pro version very promptly. The new version will be able to go the premium version of android applications too.
Android on pc is the latest craze among the android lovers around the world. It was found that not only USA, but Europe and Asia too contributed a lot into the download figure. Company has invested frequently in BlueStacks – android on pc and is going to hit the market with a bang once it releases the pro transposition. Running android on pc is altogether brand-new experience worth a try.